“Excellence is not a skill…..It is an Attitude!”  – Ralph Marston

Business Services

Attitude Adjustment Shoppe is your one-stop shop for packing, shipping, document copying, and our wide array of office supplies.
Our dedicated and professionally trained team are here to assist you with (almost) all your business service needs.

Shipping from your home to across the U.S. and around the world.

Our Shipping Partners:

  • Track your shipment if it was shipped with Attitude Adjustment
  • Custom packing at no additional charge
  • Packing supplies available to purchase
  • Wine shipping – We offer shipping services to any state where it is legal
  • Postage Stamps
  • Money Orders
  • Private Mailboxes –  Multiple sizes available
  • Office Supplies
  • Document Destruction (Shredding)
  • Fax service
  • ATM
  • Document copying
  • Drop off Prepaid and Return Packages
  • Recycle your packing peanuts and bubble wrap here


You can help to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time with these packaging guidelines and procedures developed from UPS research.

  • Use a rigid box with flaps intact
  • Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous shipment markings on the box that are no longer applicable
  • Wrap all items separately
  • Use adequate cushioning material
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping
  • Do not use string or paper over-wrap
  • Use a single address label that has clear complete delivery and return information
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the package
  • Packaging Supplies Available for purchase at our store


Have your own personal valet (Attitude Adjustment) handle your luggage:

  • No fighting with a heavy suitcase
  • No surprise extra charges for overweight baggage
  • No waiting in line for TSA to check it
  • No baggage claim when you arrive

Just breeze thru with your carry on, enjoy the flight, smile at your fellow travelers as they gather around the carousel. Find your ride to your destination and start your holiday as your luggage has already arrived at your destination……Here’s to hassle free traveling!

Detailed Information for Luggage:

  • We ship to any and all domestic destinations, including residential, business and hotels
  • You can ship about anything….In addition to conventional suitcases, you can send sports equipment, such as skis, golf clubs, surfboards and bicycles: strollers, car seats or wheelchairs; business equipment and trade show materials. The rule of thumb is anything you would normally take as luggage on an airplane can be shipped.
  • We can prepare any irregular items, such as skis, golf clubs and wheelchairs.
  • Pricing for shipping is generally determined by a combination of three factors: weight, dimension and delivery location. Call for an estimate (805) 646-1109. Please have the approximate weight, length, width and depth for your estimate.

For your convenience, a wide variety of packing supplies i.e. boxes, tape and bubble wrap are available for purchase.


Why Rent A Private Mailbox?
Here is what you will get when you rent a Private Mailbox at the Attitude Adjustment Shoppe:

  • Privacy
  • 24 hour access secure mail pick up
  • A street address, not a P.O. Box
  • Full-service mail and package receiving
  • Package Arrival Notification
  • Mail Hold and Forwarding

Our Location

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